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Overview of Child Sponsorship Program

  • You may sponsor a child by filling out the enclosed sponsorship form.  Send the completed form to the Foundation for Children office to begin the sponsorship process.

  • The rate of sponsoring one child is $50 USD per month.  Payments can be made on a monthly basis ($50 per month) with a minimum 6 month commitment, or a one-time donation of $300USD for 6 months sponsorship or $600 for 1 year sponsorship.

  • Once you inform us of your intention to sponsor a child we will send you background information on the child, along with a recent picture. Every 6 months we will send another picture of the child you have been sponsoring with a report telling you about the child’s progress.

  • At the end of your specified sponsorship period please let the school know if you would like to continue sponsoring a child from the Children’s Village School.

  • In the case that the child you are sponsoring has left the care of the Children’s Village School, we will inform you of this change, and send you information about a new child at the school.  You may then decide if you would like your donation to go towards sponsoring this new child.

  • Some children may have more than one sponsor ing order to help cover the total cost of all the children under the care of the school.
  • You are welcome to come visit the child you are sponsoring although s/he may hesitate to interact with you.  You might want to send letters before visiting to that the child can get to know you. This will help to begin a friendly relationship with the child in advance.

  • If you write or visit the child, please do not ask him/her about events in their past. Many of the children here come from very poor and/or abusive situations and are in the process of healing and starting a new life.

*Please note: A one-time donation of any amount to support the work of the Children’s Village School is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

Child Sponsorship Program Donation Form

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